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YG denies dating rumors between Jisoo and soccer star Son Heung Min


Article: Black Pink Jisoo reps « Unfounded rumors » in response to dating rumors with Son Heung Min

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+862, -33] Heung Min-ah, please just focus on soccer. It’s not the right time to be dating right now… and especially don’t date celebrities.

2. [+267, -17] He’s an idol killer at this point ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+153, -40] I have a feeling that Son Heung Min will end up marrying a beautiful and educated maknae daughter of a wealthy family

4. [+119, -7] The thing about YG is that when something’s definitely not true, they will come out and say it. They stay quiet on rumors that are true.

5. [+46, -3] I don’t think Son Heung Min’s father will like this

6. [+38, -0] Heung Min-ah, don’t date celebrities. They live in a dirty animal kingdom.

7. [+29, -2] Heung Min-ah, you can date anyone but celebrities

8. [+27, -2] If YG is saying unfounded, then it’s not true ㅋㅋ If the rumors were true, they’d be like « This is our first time hearing about this, we support them if it is true »

Source: Naver

1. [+787, -338] Upvote if Heung Min can do better, downvote if Jisoo can do better

2. [+368, -98] Jisoo the ‘artist’? Idols like her are basically staff… all they do is dance to choreography they’re given, how does that make her an artist?

3. [+177, -74] Heung Min can obviously do better

4. [+159, -70] Heung Min has to get married to a non-celebrity woman from a powerful family. No celebrities.

5. [+45, -14] Girl group killer Son Heung Min

6. [+20, -0] I don’t think it’s true. If it was true, YG’s the type to just say « It’s their private life, it’s not our business »… so since they’re denying it, it must not be true.

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+610] It’s good on YG for saying « Please don’t spread misinformation »… With all of the rumors flying around, they could take this to a lawsuit but they’re playing nice instead.

2. [+298] If YG is saying it’s not true, then it’s really not true

3. [+206] How can you people sit here like « so and so can do better » when they’re not even dating? Who do you think you are to claim someone can do better or not?

4. [+172] Son is dating us fans, leave him alone

5. [+80] No one is spreading misinformation ㅋㅋㅋ the rumors are so preposterous already

6. [+734] If YG is coming out and saying it, it’s really not true. With rumors that are true, YG either chooses to stay silent or something like « we can’t get in contact with said person but we will look into it » and then come back like « It’s their private life and not our business »

7. [+38] I wouldn’t mind if they dated but seeing their pictures side by side makes me think they don’t match all that well

8. [+37] He really goes through women so fast, I’m jealous

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