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‘Street Woman Fighter’ viewers disgruntled with more celebrity focused missions


Article: « Why are Psy and Jessie on the show… » Netizens pour criticism on ‘Street Woman Fighter’ mission

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

« Probably one of the worst missions… Whatever the intention was, it was obvious that Jessie was on the show to piggyback off of the fame of the dancers and promote her new song. The point of the show is to make the dancers the stars and now they’re turned into backdancers for a celebrity. Was there really no other mission that could better show the uniqueness of each crew? »

« In Emma’s elimination interview, she said that she was so happy to finally have a show where she could be the star of the stage after so many years of being a backdancer. To have the next mission after that be about coming up with a choreography for a singer makes me wonder if the producers understand the point of this show at all. Aiki said that in order for their dance to do well with Jessie, they had to give up the uniqueness of their hook. As a viewer, what am I watching this for anymore? If Jessie wants choreography for her new song, then go pay someone to do it for you. It was so obvious that P Nation was just trying to piggyback off the show and get free promotion out of it ㅋㅋ. I hope every crew got paid for their choreography submissions. »

« The absolute worst mission of the show. Totally missed the point of ‘Street Woman Fighter.' »

1. [+1,128] They created this show as if dancers would be the star and yet.. we’re back to it being all about the singers… Why are singers on the judging panel?

2. [+396] They basically got free choreography ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+245] They may be dancers but they’re also choreographers too, right? Am I the only one who thought a creative choreography mission was in line with the theme of the show? It felt like a good opportunity for the dancers to show what goes into creating a K-Pop choreography…

4. [+88] I think peoples’ biases about backdancers are starting to show. A music stage is achieved through the combined efforts of both the dancers and the singers ㅠㅠ Just like how a singer sings on stage, they have dancers to dance as well. No one is the star of the stage, they’re all just doing their roles. Having singers on the judging panel makes sense considering the mission of the episode. I think this episode was a great opportunity in showing all that is involved in being a dancer.

5. [+24] I thought it was good

6. [+14] So do people just not want them to be back dancers at all anymore;;;;

7. [+10] This is no longer ‘Street Woman Fighter’

8. [+52] I don’t get what the point is anymore. Just let these dancers dance. Just set the missions so that they have to make up choreography to different genres of music. Enough with dancing to all these idols and singers.

9. [+12] I don’t like the judging panel either but this episode might be good for the dancers’ careers in helping them land more jobs coming up with choreography for more singers

10. [+2] It would’ve been better if the show just stuck to keeping the dancers as the main theme. I don’t think the producers fully understand what these dancers do… Not that I know any better but I can tell that there’s something very off about the judging panel and the missions they’re given. It’s still fun for me to watch top level dancers but there’s always something amiss whenever I watch.

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