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‘Lalisa’ makes it into the Guinness World Records’


Article: Black Pink Lisa’s first solo song ‘Lalisa’ music video makes it into the Guinness world records

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+539] Meanwhile her Thai fans are hating on Korea claiming that our country is too small to support someone like Lisa, sigh

2. [+219] Black Pink seems to set new records with every new release

3. [+115] To all of the comments saying it’s all views from SEA, tsk tsk. You guys don’t seem to know that her music video ranked #1 in the US and Europe as well. She’s basically breaking all the records across not only Asia but the US and Europe as a solo K-Pop artist.

4. [+109] Lisa’s success is not based off her talent as a Thai person but off of K-Pop’s idol training system. […] Can you imagine if idols are SEA ethnicity like Lisa or 2PM’s Nichkhun debuted in their home countries with their own languages and their own country’s agency system? Do you really think they would be as successful as they are today? It’s because she debuted in Korea that Lisa has been able to make it this far. That’s why she came all the way to Korea to debut… and for her fans to claim only now that Korea is « too small » to handle Lisa.. are you really her fan?

5. [+64] ‘Lalisa’ and ‘Money’ are both super addictive ❤️

6. [+211] SEA power…

7. [+69] The power of SEA

8. [+46] Congratulations ㅠㅠㅠ😢😢👏👏❤️

9. [+32] I don’t get why people make sarcastic jokes in the comments about her views being from SEA. Lisa herself loves Korea and feels grateful enough to it to even call it ‘our country’. How would you feel if a Korean singer’s achievements were whittled down to sarcastic comments like « Korean powerㅋ » or « Chosun powerㅋ ». It’s really embarrassing, you guys.

10. [+84] You guys can make jokes about SEA views all you like that her music video is already the #1 most popular in the US and Europe and she already made records as the #1 K-Pop solo artist on Apple Music and Spotify. 

11. [+32] So what? Not like anyone listens to it

12. [+68] SEA is so proud of her.. she’s the queen of SEA. SEA has a huge population so they must really be pushing her. Congratulations 👏

13. [+145] The power of SEA

14. [+9] Can we please just congratulate her? Congratulations Lisa 💖

15. [+5] Who cares what country supports her… Even if I don’t particularly like a certain celebrity or athlete, I always feel so proud when our country’s stars go out and set records in foreign countries… Aren’t Black Pink world class level now anyway…?

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