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Kwon Mina takes to Instagram to air family drama


Article: Kwon Mina, another enraged post « Do I have to suffer at the hands of my sister too? Let’s air it all out »

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+556, -12] She kind of has mental issues. She should really consider getting consulted at a mental hospital;;

2. [+183, -3] She’s dragging Shin Jimin into stuff about her family now… Why is she airing out all her family problems on a public platform like Instagram? Instagram isn’t some problem solving device. Please just keep it private and handle it among yourselves. 

3. [+146, -4] I don’t want to see her posts anymore

4. [+81, -5] She’s just a psycho

5. [+56, -13] ㅠㅠ Hmm, she seems to be struggling mentally 

6. [+34, -0] She claims to quit Instagram and then comes back barely a month later. She asks people not to mention Shin Jimin to her but the first line in her post about her family is mentioning Shin Jimin.

7. [+30, -0] I know someone similar to her and there’s nothing that anyone around us can say. They don’t want the help. It’s best to just keep them at a distance. People who victimize themselves will take even praise or help as an attack and it’s easy for their negativity to start affecting everyone around them too.

8. [+27, -2] Jimin’s looking like an angel at this point…

9. [+20, -0] Seems like a you problem

10. [+19, -1] She might be the biggest problem in her life with all of this victimization. I really feel bad for her and I hope she gets consultation at a mental hospital.

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